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Heather J. McAdams


Heather J. McAdams is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated from Duke University, having majored in Public Policy, Philosophy and Women's Studies. Figuring there was more red tape in D.C than any development hell, filmmaking, writing, acting and stand-up comedy seemed like an obvious career pursuit. With a budget of 360 dollars (American), she co-wrote, produced and starred in, REALITY WORLD, ECHO PARK which won the Silverlake Award at the Silverlake Film Festival.

Most recently, she co-produced the award-winning documentary THE SEARCH FOR MICHAEL ROCKEFELLER, and with Fraser Heston, wrote screenplays for the feature version of that film, as well as the thriller DESOLATION SOUND for Agamemnon Films, where she is head of development. In addition to Agamemnon's exciting development slate, she is working on two comedy series: HA! and STANDUP SELFIES. She plays soccer (without diving) and just completed her second marathon. Heather lives near the beach with her husband, son, and three dogs (and yes, three is a pack).


Reality World, Echo Park
Mangez Merde: The Rockumentary
HA! Sketch Show: Wife Swap International & Febreeze: a parody commercial
Stand-Up Selfies

Screenplays (In development):
Desolation Sound (feature)
DeMille Directs (rewrite)
The Search for Michael Rockefeller (feature)
Walk-Ins (feature)
Going Home (feature)
Made of Steel (feature)

Wife Swap International
Slaughterhouse of the Rising Sun
Mind Games
Mangez Merde: The Rockumentary
Reality World, Echo Park