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Mother Lode

The lure of gold can make a man do anything. Anything.

Mother Lode

Charlton Heston, Kim Basinger and Nick Mancuso

Written by
Fraser C. Heston

Produced by
Fraser C. Heston, Peter Snell, Martin Shafer and Andy Scheinman

Directed by
Charlton Heston

Released by
Agamemnon Films

Writer, Fraser Heston and director Chralton Heston discuss the script.
Charlton Heston and Kim Basinger
Charlton Heston in dual roles as twin brothers Silas and Ian McGee
Jean Dupre (Nick Mancuso) caught in a flooding mine.
Kim Basinger as “Andrea Spalding”
Charlton Heston
Nick Mancuso and Kim Basinger
Nick and the plane
Real plane crash
Charlton Heston goes mad as “Silas McGee”.
Charlton and Kim