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The Search For Michael Rockefeller

A missing scion. A lost film. A dark secret.

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“One of the most enduring unsolved mysteries of the 20th century… Heston has a secret weapon:
hours of never-before-seen film footage shot all over New Guinea.”
~ Tim Sohn, Outside Online

“Now, a documentary made by Fraser Heston has thrown the focus on this extraordinary story once more…”
An “outlandish tale, where anything seems possible.”
~ Tom Leonard, Daily Mail

"Heston’s ROCKEFELLER is powerfully riveting and exquisitely crafted. First-Rate, enjoy it on NETFLIX now."
~Mark McIntire, The Meddlesome Priest blog

The Search For Michael Rockefeller

Based on book by
Milt Machlin

Executive Producer:
Alex Butler

Heather J. McAdams & Ted Hughes

Edited by
Ted Hughes

Written, Produced and Directed by
Fraser C. Heston

Released by
Agamemnon Films, Outsider Pictures, Cinedigm

Cannibal Gothic
Michael Rockefeller poling a dugout canoe.
Michael Rockefeller
Milt shaking hands with native in the New Guinea Highlands.
Rows of skulls in Asmat village
Asmat native sleeping on a skull.
Michael Rockefeller
NY Post article quoting Father Van Kessel, December 1968
Father Van Kessel with Asmat native
Milt Machlin with a tree kangaroo and New Guinea native children.
 Argosy Magazine cover, Sept 1969