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Aleutian Dead

The men of Bomber 18 thought fighting Japanese Zeros over the North Pacific in winter was tough… until they had to battle the undead.

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Aleutian Dead

Screenplay by
Fraser C. Heston & Heather J. McAdams

Elmendorf AFB Tower 11/14/44 06:45hrs transcript as follows:

BOMBER 18: May Day, May Day, May Day! This is U.S. Bomber Flight 18. We are inbound from Attu. Position approximately 700 miles west of Anchorage. Extremely low on fuel. Be advised we have wounded on board. Request immediate assistance, vector for emergency landing, over.

ELMENDORF CONTROL: Flight 18. This is Elmendorf Control. Received transmission garbled. Say again? Over.

BOMBER 18: Elmendorf, Bomber 18. We need medical assistance! …Attacked by [garbled]. Possible… [garbled] biochemical warfare. Virus... [garbled] on board. Medical experiments... [garbled] Some kind of...[garbled] not dead! Oh, Christ, they’re---!

ELMENDORF CONTROL Ah, say again, Bomber 18… We’re losing your signal… Bomber 18, Elmendorf, do you read?... Bomber 18, this is Elmendorf, come in…

End transmission.

Bomber 18 was never heard from again. Or was it?

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